Dragons, or Something

“Dragons aren’t real, you idiot.” Tommy said, sucking the last bits of poptart from his sticky fingers.

“Yes they are. Dad says so!”

Tommy crumpled the thin metallic wrapper in his hands before throwing it in the trash. “Dad’s an idiot too, Ricky.”

“I’m telling mom!”

“Go ahead, she knows they’re fake too. That’s why dad doesn’t live here anymore, remember?” He gathered his little brother's lunchbox and stuffed it into his new backpack. “Now hurry up or you’ll miss the bus.”

“Aw man, can’t you take me?”

“Not until next week, mom won’t have to ride with me in the car after that.” He said, handing his little brother his things. “Now get going.”

Ricky sighed as he walked out the door, “I wish we could go back to our other school.”

“No way we’re going back there kiddo. All they do is tell you stories.”

“But I liked the stories.”

“Yeah but they think the stories are real, and we’ve got to catch up on math.”

“Dad said the math teacher is stupid.I miss the dragon stories.”

“Just get on the bus Ricky.” He said looking at his watch. “And don’t forget, they’re dinosaurs, not dragons.”

Ricky ran up to the bus, his little red sneakers bouncing up the steps as he made his way to the very back seat – the only one with an open window. He popped his little head between the glass panels, “So they are real!”

Tommy smiled. “Aw dude, you got me!”

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